Whit’s Frozen Custard Cakes

Small Beach Madness Cake

Whit’s has Frozen Custard Cakes for any occasion!

Whit’s “to-go” freezers are always stocked at the stores with ready-made cakes available anytime! Whit’s will also make your custom cake to order with 48-hours’ notice!

Chocolate Cookie Dough Heart
Rasberry Cheesecake
Strawberry Cheesecake

Here are the details you will want to know before ordering your cake:

  • Our cakes are 100% frozen custard and toppings (there is no actual cake!).
  • We offer two sizes: small and large. Small feeds 6-8 and Large feeds 10-12.
  • Cakes are made in 3 layers and then topped. First layer is frozen custard, the middle layer is your choice of toppings, and the third layer is frozen custard. Please see our Menu for a list of toppings available. The custard layers can be as simple as chocolate and vanilla or can be creative to add mix-in options to the custard as well. Finally, your cake is topped with toppings of your choosing (generally the same as the middle layer, but not required).

Please call us to complete your custom cake order at the store you wish to pick up from:

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